Types of Public Speakers

Types of Public Speakers

If you are planning an event and need to book a public speaker, it’s a good idea to know what types of public speakers are available. speakers bureaus are a great resource and can help you choose the speaker most appropriate for your particular event.

Executive Speakers

Executive speakers are successful business people who are often thought of or referred to as, “business gurus.” Many times executive speakers have authored well-received books and as a result are in increasing demand for speaking engagements. Executive speakers are also known as leadership or management speakers and are ideal for a variety of corporate or business events.

Motivational Speakers

Nearly anyone from any walk of life can be a motivational speaker. Many times those who have overcome great adversity find themselves sharing their insights through public speaking. Motivational speakers have the ability to inspire audiences to dig deeper, reach higher and live life in a more uplifting way. Many times companies will hire motivational speakers for conferences in order to help employees feel a sense of renewed purpose and camaraderie.

Expert Speakers

Simply put, an expert speaker is someone who is an expert in a particular field or niche. Expert speakers can range from Pulitzer Prize-winning authors to retired Air Force pilots. Many times expert speakers come from fields such as law, politics or medicine. An expert speaker will have a strong background and unique perspective on their specialty and can share their expertise in a detailed and meaningful way.

Celebrity Speakers

These speakers are exactly what they sound like – celebrities. While celebrity speakers often have a speaking niche such as motivational or executive, many times celebrity speakers are entertainers such as actors or comedians. However, sometimes especially well known motivational or executive speakers become celebrities in their own right and cross over into this category.