SELLING is a PROCESS – Basic Marketing

As Sales we have to understand the basic principles in the selling of products / services / even ourselves. By understanding the basic principles of selling will help you to have the MINDSET as a SALES MOTIVATION and SUCCESS and boost your PRODUCTIVITY.

Basic Principles of Selling # 1 – SELLING is a PROCESS.

This means you have to do it with the right PROCESS your new get RESULTS appropriate. Like a farmer planting tomato seeds then they will get the tomatoes, not orange, not the mangos teen. When planting tomato seeds, a farmer of course do the proper steps to produce fresh fruit and ripe tomatoes. They keep giving fertilizer, watering regularly, and repel pests / insects / wild birds, and then they get their dream of tomatoes.

As well as the Sales, to close the sale (closing), of course, must regularly call customers, visiting them, make presentations, routinely distribute brochures, diligent follow up, then will give the final result of the closing.

PROCESS also means that you can measure the step by step / stage-by-stage whether it is right or not so you can fix it to improve the results.

Still wearing farmer example, when the crop was not as expected, they could examine the back, for example, might be less good tomato seeds, fertilizers are used less precise, they are not flush with the routine, or maybe they do not keep their tomatoes carefully.

Just as well as the Sales, selling is a PROCESS. They should be able to examine back in the stage where they are lacking or perhaps a less precise approach. For example, I might search for segmentation / profiling potential customers who are less fit or I am looking at a place that is not quite right, maybe the way I call and make an appointment that is less fit, or maybe the way I build relationships (intimacy) is less precise / ecology, or perhaps I less routine in the call, a visit, distributing flyers, and follow up.

With a focus on PROCESS (the stages before closing) it will most likely give you RESULTS in line with expectations. So far, most people only focus on RESULTS Sales so obviously alone is often not up to expectations because they forget that one of the basic principles in the selling is its focus on PROCESS.

In other words, NO SALE NO RAPPORT! No familiarity then no sale. How could occur if there are no sales stages to build familiarity? And the stages that are the focus of the Sales people who have SUCCESS.