New Internet Search Engine Follows Google’s Lead, Switches into Advanced Javascript Technology

Internet Search Engine SEOENG(R) lately introduced that it’s joining Google as just the second Internet Search Engine to positively read and execute JavaScript. Seen as an major task for just about any Internet Search Engine, as well as an remarkable rise in the Seo World, SEOENG becomes the very first Search engine optimization Analysis Engine to supply such abilities. “We’re thrilled to announce our technical team has implemented and incorporated this industry altering technology into our Internet Search Engine. Our customers happen to be awaiting this feature for a while, and also the incorporation of JavaScript recognition into SEOENG implies that Search engine optimization Professionals will no more be at nighttime regarding how Search Engine’s see their JavaScript code. This advancement truly sets us aside from other Search engine optimization Tools,” states Maura Stouffer, SEOENG LLC. Leader of selling & Procedures.

Recent developments in Internet Search Engine calculations, such as the discontinuation of redistributed Link value with other Links with no rel=”nofollow” attribute, has forced many Search engine optimization Companies to re-think their method of Link Design and Architecture. Previously, the “nofollow” attribute was adopted to “shape” Link Flow(R), or Page Ranking (Google’s Web page ranking indicator/formula). Lately, the Search engine optimization community has switched to JavaScript, the industry scripting language that’s performed on the client’s browser, enabling Links to become transformed quickly, and never detected by Search Engines Like Google. Captured, Google formally introduced it had begun reading through JavaScript, leading to stress within the Search engine optimization world because of broad JavaScript use. “Old Search engine optimization tools and techniques are dwindling quickly, as Internet Search Engine intelligence shuts the space between humans and computer systems,” remarked Stouffer. “Search engine optimization/Search engine marketing Professionals have switched to more high-tech approaches, like SEOENG, to combat this phenomenon.”

With SEOENG’s capability to read and parse JavaScript, Internet Entrepreneurs are now able to see what top Search Engines Like Google like Google are seeing. More to the point, customers can visualize the particular Link Architecture — that is frequently much diverse from the main one without JavaScript. “On some, we’re seeing dramatic changes in Link Architecture because of the incorporation of JavaScript into our Internet Search Engine,” stated Stouffer. “Without JavaScript, you actually do not see the real picture. There’s an amazing quantity of information revealed by parsing the JavaScript on the Web page.” An example is known as ‘Cloaked Links’. Cloaked Links are Links that have been modified to look dissimilar to Search Engines Like Google. Search Engines Like Google consider using Cloaked Links like a subversive technique, and therefore are considered to penalize Web pages which have a lot of Cloaked Links. SEOENG discloses new Cloaked Link penalties on its Web page Scorecard. Additionally to Cloaked Links, JavaScript may also be used to include, edit, or remove content on the Web page.

SEOENG now includes many of these noticeable JavaScript changes in to the final document, so it then parses and scores. Clients can pick if you should have SEOENG crawl an internet site with JavaScript, by choosing this feature around the SEOENG Instant Quote screen. SEOENG is really a personal Internet Search Engine, fully controlled by its customers. Customers may change the Crawl Depth, set automatic crawls, or crawl on-demand. With natural Backlink building and Link Architecture becoming a lot more important, SEOENG is certain that the Search engine optimization world continues to show towards more technical approaches like its Internet Search Engine.

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