New Ideas To Freshen Marketing Strategies

To make our house condition In order , then usually every year we do a refresher by replacing the paint, repairing worn parts and others. Likewise in our business requires new ideas to refresh the sales strategy with the aim of increasing sales.

Review back sales performance to each product

In any business or company usually sells some products. From some of the products we sell there is usually a rapid behavior (fast moving) and less behavior (slow moving). Usually we concentrate on doing sales on products that sell quickly, and ignores products less marketable. Let us re-review of products that are sold less any excess so that we can do promotions and offers products to customers in a way and a new strategy. With the touch of different promotions and fresher can be will increase sales.

Review return frequency of calls to the customer

Now is the time we review the frequency of calls to the customer. While most of the phones that we do is inquire about whether our products to function properly? We must reduce the frequency of these communications. Due to inquire about the functionality of our products is the basic question, so we had to reduce it.

Better to develop a strategy to introduce more valuable things in meetings and communications with the customer. We can discuss new products, services and the latest information about our other products which could be implemented at the customer company. That way we can definitely increase sales of other products and services that we have.

Try to communicate with each customer to get feedback on how well our products and services. When the customer stating our products and services whether that means business ties likely continue. When the customer feedback states are still lacking, it means we must immediately make improvements to cutomer satisfied.

What do we say when selling?

We should review again the communication and media campaign that has been running a year old. We also need to review the emails we’ve sent to the customer. Find and review the writings inappropriate, we may never write emails in an angry tone. From this moment do not ever do that, because writing that anger will result in permanent disability in the liver customer.

If we had made a mistake a year ago try to perform recovery with the customer, to restore relations go back and make sure next year we are facing customer better.