Methods of the derusting of sand making machine

atmosphere of sand making machine equipment results in the rusting of sand making machine, the industry normal chemical reaction. Once the machine is positioned up for any very long time, it will likely be simple to get rusty. The significant atmosphere of sand making machine is usually quite poor, chances are it will get rusty and modify the production quality. So maintaining and properly operate the sand making machine devices are becoming a lot more important. Zhengzhou mining machinery co., ltd will introduce good quality methods to derust and enhance the operation within the sand making production line.

1) Chemical derusting: largely by caffeine reaction between acidity and metallic oxides and therefore take away the rust corrosion around the metal surface, which is called pickling rust, and may simply be operated within the workshop.

2) Small-sized pneumatic or electric derusting: electricity or compressed air is labored as driving pressure and outfitted with appropriate derusting device for reciprocating or rotary movement to satisfy the derusting needs of a number of occasions. For instance, the angel grinder and wire brush which fit in with semi-mechanized equipment are extremely light and handy, as well as great mobility. They are able to completely derust but could not achieve high qualified surface treatment.

3) High-pressure water abrasive derusting: through the impact of high-pressure water jet (as well as the grinding effect of abrasive), the valued role water damage and corrosion and also the coating’s adhesion around the plate shelves. Its qualities are: no dust pollution, no harm to steel and derusting efficiency.

4) Daubing anti-oxidation fresh paint derusting: daubing mineral oil, fresh paint or enamel at first glance of ironwork, or plating a layer of metal for example zinc, container, chrome, etc by electroplating or hot dip. The top of those metals can build a dense sull that may prevent getting in touch with with water, air along with other materials.

5) The particular introduction of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is among the most simplest and economical crushing machine to set up in mining machinery. Jaw crusher machine has an array of application and may be used in mining and construction, metallurgical industry, road and railway building, smelting, hydraulic and chemical industries, etc.

The jaw crusher of DSMAC is really a reliable and reliable brand because of its top quality and good manufacturing. We is an expert in creating jaw crusher that is broadly put on crush high hardness, mid hardness and soft rocks and ores for example slag, construction materials, marble, etc. Pressure resistance strength is under 200Mpa, that’s, appropriate for primary crush. Each model includes a large feed opening because of its size as well as an ideal puppy nip position, giving smooth material flow, high reduction efficiency and capacity. Their simple design covers many advanced features that provide easy operation, simple maintenance, lengthy existence and an inexpensive per ton.

Jaw Crusher has numerous advantages, for example large reduction ratio, even granularity, simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient repair and economic operation, that are broadly employed for mine, smelting, building material, road, railway, irrigation works, chemical and materials with compression strength a maximum of 320 Mpa.

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