Marketing Tricks For Small Business

To start business in big city it will challenging, not just competing with similar players, the SMEs should also be able to survive from the larger company. Especially now that the advancement of technology makes it easier to compete freely in the market place

but do not trigger minder even if you are just starting a business. Let’s not compete with big companies from the same business field, as small business you should try this 5 marketing tricks

1. Don’t put an egg in one basket, don’t compete in one particular market

What is meant here is the target market segment of consumers who would you choose, you can choose the smallest market segment or with not many competitors.

2. Brave enough to be different to survive against the big companies.

If you cannot compete in terms of capital funds, you can utilize the creativity of own business in order to be different in the eyes of potential consumers. To attract consumers, create something unique and unprecedented. Conduct a market survey to compare yours with competitor products, further highlight the uniqueness that is not owned by your competition.

3. Make products with a luxurious look though the price is relatively cheap.

When shopping in a supermarket with many choices of products, your customer’s candidates only takes a few seconds before finally deciding to make a purchase. Therefore, it is important for you to create the look of a luxury product packaging so that your product does not look cheap. Remember, the first impression that customers be the main factor determining the purchase.

4. Actively joining exhibition to let your product leveling with huge company with same market

To improve product competitiveness, occasionally you can participate in the exhibition organized by the government or private. In addition to introducing your product to the public, the exhibition also can become a means to get acquainted directly with your competitors. Certainly there is a lot of experience and new information that you get from the exhibition event. There was the possibility also you can get new ideas after meeting with competitors.

5. Establish a good relationship with customers to win the competition.

When you already have a lot of customers, do not waste the advantage. Be sure to always keep a good relationship with each of your customers. Provide fast and precise in order for them not to resort to other players. Therefore, your customers are valuable assets that can help you win the market competition.