Marketing Tips: 5 Things Consumers Do Before Shopping Online

Nowadays people very practical , most people prefer to buy goods online. Especially now that the digital world has been able to indulge the consumer to choose a wide range of products only from the screen of the gadget. This is what makes the online store business growth in Indonesia experienced a rapid surge, since the last few years.

To deal with the online market competition intensifies, the online business to be a smart marketing strategy. Not just standing by relying on the internet and hope customers come by itself, but the online business should also be able to identify the kind of character the consumers that they face and how they behave before they make a purchase decision.

1. When planning shopping, around 77% of the respondents usually check first.

This step is taken to determine the promotional program takes place and inspect stock items they want to buy. After obtaining the information, the consumer usually does not immediately make a purchase, they still need some time to reconsider his decision before shopping online.

2. Inspect all variations of existing products, before finally determine the choice.

Although each day the number of internet users in Indonesia continues to increase, but in fact there are only about 13.3 percent of Indonesian Internet users who make purchases online. Most consumers in Indonesia are still afraid to be deceived, because many cases of online fraud. In order to not suffer a worse fate, online shoppers usually check all the variants of the products sold on an online site before being absolutely sure to specify a choice.
3. Dont get Upset if your consumers compare prices with other shop/ online shop

The terms of bargaining were not only in traditional markets. Although the system has been done with the purchase of advanced technology, but the habits of Indonesian consumers to compare the price with the store next door and bid at a lower price is still often faced by online businesses.
4. Ensure the payment system can be done very easily.

Most of the consumers who shop online are dominated by women, to make sure that you apply the payment system is not difficult for them to make a payment. At a minimum you can use three numbers with a different bank account, so that they can make payments in accordance with the bank that they have.
5. Testimony from other buyers greatly influence the consumer’s decision to shop online.

One of the driving factors that are very effective to influence consumer purchase in the online marketplace is testimony from other consumers who have used the product or service from you. Review submitted by other consumers, will indirectly affect the level of consumer confidence, because they cannot hold that product directly.