Marketing Strategy – Prevent yourself from loss with this tricks

one of the important points that need to be considered when determining the marketing strategy of SMEs is to know what the customer wants. By knowing what each customer wants, of course, you can determine what products or services they actually need.

Therefore before you decide to venture into the business, it is essential to conduct research or market survey to determine the desires and needs of targeted consumers

In this case, you can use a simple way to determine customer interest towards a product. Here we inform some of the marketing strategies of SMEs to know the desires of your customers.

  1. Direct Inquiry to customers

    this simple strategy we often encounter in the field, but as consumers we do not realize that in fact the businesses are conducting market surveys in the simplest way to find out the interests and needs of the consumer. For instance, if we buy bath soap products in grocery stores, usually the merchant does not hesitate to ask a soap product brand we wanted before they provide services. Know that out of the question, the grocery store merchants can specify any brand of soap the most demanding consumers, so that in the future they will shop brand of soap is the most preferred consumer.

  2. Be customer for your own business

    positioning yourself as if you are a customer of your own business can be enough to help businesses to understand each customer’s viewpoint. With this strategy you can feel what they feel and know what they need. Furthermore, do not hesitate to improve product quality and service you have, so that the consumer viewpoint on your business could be better.

  3. The questionnaire and survey

    Quite often business people or tables knowingly questionnaire survey to find out what the customer desires and measure how satisfied were obtained every customer. In carrying out this strategy you can create a questionnaire or survey in written form and interview directly with the customer. This way may often we encounter when we buy a product in the supermarket, and there are officers SPG (sales promotion girl) who asks our data to conduct market surveys.

  4. Looking at the statistical data of customers

    to find out the customer’s wishes, you can analyze whether your customers are satisfied with the products sold by viewing statistical data customers. If they continue to come back and repeated use of a product or service, it could mean that your product is in conformity with their needs and desires. However, if the average consumer just buy your product once, then the unquestionable quality of the product that you are marketing.

  5. Survey your sales staff

The desire of every customer can know from the salesperson that you have. Because, they are the ones who best understand what the customer complaints and knowing also what many customers are looking for. Therefore, make the sales force as the right hand you can build a strong enough relationship with the customer.

Given the absence of a best-selling product on the market is influenced by the level of consumer desires, so understand the desires of your customers before creating a product or services.