Hotel Marketing – Increase Your Bookings

The hotel industry is highly competitive today, with hoteliers and online travel agencies (OTA) in competition with each other for direct bookings. Hotels, especially small ones, should necessarily have adequate digital marketing strategy in place if they want to reduce their dependence on travel agents.

Hotel marketing companies can help significantly in this regard. The website and online booking system for hotel site can provide greater control over margins, brand positioning, price and image. Performing usual hotel marketing campaigns can help attract more customers directly on the site and increase the number of direct bookings.

Here are some things you can do to increase traffic to the website improve their hotel reservations.

Advertise the best rates on your site, not OTA

A common mistake that hoteliers do is allow the OTA to list a reserve price lower than what is indicated on your own website. The best rates are to be displayed in place; allowing anyone to provide a less naturally divert traffic and put them in a disadvantage booking fees.

Optimize the hotel website

Optimize your site so that visitors are offered an idea of what to expect when you arrive at your hotel. Make sure that the navigation is easy, all the details are up to date, and you have a gallery of images showing the hotel in the best light.

Generate links to your site from other areas considered
Hotel marketing agencies can help you create a good link quality websites. List contact information, address and website URL in the relevant travel websites can help generate lots of traffic to your site.

Be active in social networks

One of the key aspects of effective hotel marketing is an active presence in social networks. Social media offers a unique opportunity for hoteliers to communicate directly with customers at a very low cost. Be sure to post promotions, reviews and interesting updates about your hotel on the pages of social media. Invite your fans to talk with you and continue the conversation. Pages deserted social media can bring to potential customers, so make sure that you keep an active presence.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are here to stay. According to estimates by eMarketer, mobile travel sales reached nearly $ 50 billion, which would be 30% of all sales in 2017 digital travel If you can not optimize your website and booking system for mobile devices site, you I would be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Today, even small hotels have the opportunity to build a brand in a very positive line as the major hotel chains and reduce their dependence on OTA. Following the above steps will help to increase web traffic to your hotel and increase the number of direct bookings you get.