10 Proven Marketing Tactics for Food Products

If you love to culinary or love to cook it’s not enough to guarantee the success of a person to be so culinary entrepreneurs. You can cook a variety of delicious food was not going to get any results if no consumers who come to enjoy your homemade food.

Besides cooking, there are so many other factors that also need to learn before deciding to dive into a culinary entrepreneurs. One of them as top tactics you need to learn to market your homemade food products to the masses.

For you who pioneered culinary business plan, we will reveal the 10 Top marketing Ideas of food products that must pay attention.

1 Top Food Marketing: Maintain Quality of Taste

Talk about the food business important things to be the main promotional tool a culinary business is a guarantee of quality flavors offered. Consistency is the key to your success tastes run food business. Do not arbitrarily change the necessary seasoning or ingredient in food manufacturing process. Few consumers disappointed with the taste of your cooking, they do not hesitate to gripe to social media.
2 Top Food Marketing: Create Event that invites crowds

occasionally invent contemporary events that could invite the curiosity of consumers. Examples such as holding a bazaar, garage sale, festival band, dance competitions, photo competitions, and other things that can attract consumers flock to the place efforts.
3 Top Food Marketing: Print and Distribute Flyers Ads

Distributing flyers to red lights, schools, colleges, or other crowded place was also able to bring potential customers to your restaurant. Make a flyer advertising with compelling imagery and comes with a contact person where efforts. If there is a promo event, mentioned in a brochure leaflets, so the more people who are interested in the event.
4 Top Food Marketing: Place sticker on site are viewed by many people

Make a sticker with the logo and contact person yourselves, then paste them in places that are easily seen by many people. For example, in a motorcycle helmet, windshield, and others. The more often seen people, so the more people who know of the existence of yours culinary business.
5 Top Food Marketing: Create a map of the location of sales on product packaging

Sometimes less strategic location is also an obstacle for you who have a business. To circumvent it, you can include a map of the location on the packaging of food products. In addition you can also register the location of your efforts on Google, so candidates can find the location of your consumer yourselves with Google apps.
6 Top Food Marketing:: Join the business community

Join an association or business community could be one way to promote your efforts to the general public. In addition, you can also exchange information with other community members and does not rule out the possibility to discover new business opportunities.
7 Top Food Marketing: Active in Social Media

In the digital era, as now, social media can be quite profitable promotional event. Even so effective, many online sellers who can make buying and selling only of social media accounts. So, you can take advantage of social media to introduce yourselves to the masses.
8 Top Food Marketing: Introduce to the authorities

being closer to the agency or agencies that are relevant to your business can also be a promotional event that is quite effective. For example, as came to the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs to be able to participate in the exhibition or to the Department of Health to obtain permission for the port on which your products are marketed.
9 Top Food Marketing: Cooperation with the travel tour

This kind of marketing strategy is now starting to have the owner of the restaurant, you can also start cooperating with travel agencies to cooperate in making a snack or meal for a travel agent who brought the group and passed the restaurant’s yours. Generally, a travel agent who brought the group to get a fee from the owner of the restaurant.
10 Top Food Marketing: Create a periodic discount program

To pamper your consumer, you can conduct periodic program discount. For example, to commemorate the birthday of the consumer, you can give a voucher for consumers to come to your restaurant on his birthday along with five of his friends.